Vision and Mission


Leadership and excellence in the response, rescue, rehabilitation and release of Victoria’s native wildlife through provision of a vital community service; our Emergency Response Service – 13 000 94535.



Our mission is to protect, rescue, rehabilitate, and release Victorian sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife through a network of wildlife rescuers, carers and other volunteers; and to gain community and stakeholder support to help us achieve this.


We will do this by proactively:


  • developing, maintaining and supporting a network of wildlife rescuers, rehabilitators and other volunteers;
  • providing a highly responsive and effective 24 Hour Emergency Response Service;
  • providing a highly responsive and effective network of rescuers;
  • being prepared for and be effective in our management of disasters;
  • educating the community to raise awareness and appreciation of the importance of native wildlife and their habitats;
  • engaging the community to support Wildlife Victoria; being an advocate for native wildlife.