Wildlife Victoria Volunteer Training

Wildlife Rescue & Transport Training

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Fitzroy North
Date: Sunday 25 July
Venue: Edinburgh Gardens Community Room

Sorry - Now full

Date: Saturday 14 August
Venue: Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub

Date: Sunday 22 August
Venue: Harry Atkinson Art and Crafts Centre

If you have already completed training with another wildlife rescue group, and wish to volunteer for Wildlife Victoria, please forward a copy of your certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Transporter Volunteer Recruitment

Transporter training will be conducted shortly via a Webinar. If you have already expressed interest you will receive an invitation via email.

Our activity

in your area.

Explore the map to see which animals were in need of our help in your local area last month. The points on this map all relate to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month. (Yes, this is just one month!)