Wildlife Victoria Volunteer Training

Wildlife Victoria’s upcoming training dates for 2019 include:

Spring Transporter Volunteer Recruitment

Recruitment is now open for the busy Spring months and training is online.

Within less than a day you can be onboard with Wildlife Victoria, helping our Spring orphaned wildlife.

Please register here: Spring Transporter Volunteer Recruitment

Basic Rescue & Transport Training Program

We will be running courses on the following dates. If you’re interested in attending, please fill in your details to kick off the process:

2020 dates to be published soon.

All courses will run from 10am – 4pm. (Unless otherwise stated)

Course fees are $90 per participant.

Education Program Training

Only one intake per year and has now closed for 2019


To become a volunteer and to receive information on applying for an upcoming training session, please complete the registration form below:

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Our activity

in your area.

Explore the map to see which animals were in need of our help in your local area last month. The points on this map all relate to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month. (Yes, this is just one month!)