Thank you for making a donation

 Your generosity will make a significant difference to the wellbeing of wildlife in our state.

Your donation will allow us to continue running our Emergency Response Service, funding our Travelling Vet Service and supporting our volunteer carers and rescuers across Victoria.

For the most impact, please consider joining our Wild Friends community by making a monthly recurring donation.

Answer a call for help


Can cover the cost of our Emergency Rescue Service to answer one call. That's one more precious animal helped!

X-ray an injured wildlife


Can pay for our Travelling Vet Service to perform an x-ray on an injured animal in field, reducing diagnosis time and increasing the chance of a quick recovery for the animal.

Grow our capacity to help wildlife


Can provide a newly trained volunteer with the basic equipment to get them out and helping wildlife.

Larger donations allow Wildlife Victoria to invest significantly in the Travelling Vet Service infrastructure, allowing us to get more vehicles and vets on the road helping wildlife.

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Our activity

in your area.

Explore the map to see which animals were in need of our help in your local area last month. The points on this map all relate to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month. (Yes, this is just one month!)