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Spring has come early and we are already experiencing peak numbers of calls to our Emergency Response Service. We are seeing an influx of young animals needing care – possum joeys, ducklings, baby birds, kangaroo and wombat joeys.

Our wildlife need our help now more than ever.

Your donation will contribute to running our Emergency Response Service, funding our Travelling Vet Service and supporting our volunteer carers and rescuers across Victoria.

Our Emergency Response Service receives up to 110,000 calls for assistance every year. At peak times we answer up to 700 calls per day.

Help us continue to protect our unique and precious wildlife.


Can cover the cost of our Emergency Rescue Service to answer one call. That's one more precious animal helped!


Our Emergency Response Service can deploy our specialist vets in field to improve outcomes for injured wildlife. $55 can cover the cost of an x-ray in field.


Can contribute to our volunteer training program, allowing us to train more wildlife rescuers and help more animals across Victoria.

Larger donations allow Wildlife Victoria to invest significantly in the Emergency Response Service infrastructure, allowing us to be ready for future increases in demand.

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Our activity

in your area.

Explore the map to see a sample of the animals that needed our help in your local area last month. Each point on this map relates to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month.

We get so many calls that not all our cases fit on the map, accordingly, this map is not an exact reflection of all our cases from the month. This map should only be used as an indicative sample.