About Us

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a community that understands, values, and cares about Australian wildlife.

Our mission is to help and protect wildlife through our rescue, education, and advocacy activities.  We respond to community reports of distressed wildlife and facilitate the care needed. We promote community knowledge and care of wildlife and advocate for the protection and welfare of wildlife.

Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that has provided Victoria with a statewide wildlife emergency response service since 1989.

Wildlife Victoria’s 24/7 Emergency Response Service responds to calls for help for wildlife from members of the public via an emergency phone and online reporting system. In 2023, Wildlife Victoria responded to over 130,000 calls for help for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife and assisted 86,658 animals across 452 species.

When members of the public contact Wildlife Victoria about a sick, injured, or orphaned native animal, Emergency Response Operators provide real time advice and, in most instances, arrange for a trained volunteer to attend to the animal. Wildlife Victoria works hard to ensure the best possible outcome for each and every native animal.

With a statewide network of close to 1,500 trained wildlife rescue and transport volunteers, wildlife rehabilitators, and in field wildlife veterinarians and veterinary nurses, Wildlife Victoria offers an end-to-end wildlife emergency response service to the Victorian public at no cost.

Wildlife Victoria is experiencing a consistent year-on-year increase in demand for services with the primary demand drivers – climate change, habitat destruction and urbanisation – all impacting the State’s wildlife adversely. Public concern for wildlife and biodiversity has been amplified since the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires and the Victorian public is demanding action from all levels of government to address the issue.

In addition to the Emergency Response Service, Wildlife Victoria helps wildlife by providing people with the knowledge and skills they need for peaceful and positive co-existence with wildlife, and by facilitating positive community attitudes toward wildlife.


Wildlife Victoria Strategy


The Wildlife Victoria Emergency Response Service phone line is partially supported by the Victorian Government until the end of FY 2025. The Wildlife Road Toll Reduction Pilot Project was made possible by generous philanthropic donations. 


Our activity

in your area.

Explore the map to see a sample of the animals that needed our help in your local area last month. Each point on this map relates to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month.

We get so many calls that not all our cases fit on the map, accordingly, this map is not an exact reflection of all our cases from the month. This map should only be used as an indicative sample.