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Media Releases

June 2024 - Critical wildlife services at risk due to donation decline amid cost-of-living crisis

May 2024 - Wildlife Victoria 2024 Budget Response

Feruary 2024 - Wildlife Victoria prepares for wildlife impacts from bushfires and extreme weather in Victoria’s west

January 2024 - Wildlife Victoria warns of taxpayer waste and unrest on the wetlands

January 2024 - Tick tock: clock ticking on duck hunting decision

December 2023 - New data reinforces case for duck hunting ban

September 2023 - Wildlife Victoria calls for urgent support as case volumes skyrocket this Spring

August 2023 - Wildlife Victoria duck hunting statement - Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendations Response

July 2023 - Wildlife Victoria flags major animal welfare concerns with State’s Kangaroo Harvesting Program

May 2023 - End of 2023 duck hunting season - 29 May 2023

April 2023 - Wildlife Victoria shares findings from Day 1 of 2023 duck hunting season

February 2023 - Wildlife Victoria responds to Victorian Governments announcement of a 2023 Duck Hunting Season

January 2023 - Wildlife Victoria responds to potential ban on duck hunting in 2023

December 2022 - Slow down on the roads this holiday period

November 2022 - Call to end the Kangaroo Harvesting Program

May 2022 - Recognition for wildlife volunteers

May 2022 - Nudging Grey Headed Flying Foxes is not a solution 

March 2022 - Day two of duck shooting reveals brutal truth

March 2022 - Why is Duck hunting season still happening in 2022?

December 2021 - A Safe Drive Saves Our Wildlife

November 2021 - Praise for Metro Trains duckling rescue

September 2021 - Seeking a humane outcome for Cape Schanck kangaroos

September 2021 - Inglewood Kangaroo Processing Plant 

August 2021 - Domestic fruit tree netting laws change 1 September

July 2021 - Wildlife Victoria calls Fake News on Heritage media release

June 2021 - Heritage Kangaroos Killing Fields

May 2021 - Heritage kangaroos update 

April 2021 - Planned stealthy kangaroo cull outrages local residents

April 2021 - Announcing Victoria's first Wildlife Travelling Vet Service

Feb 2021 - Call for Government to reverse decision on 2021 Duck Season

Feb 2021 - Deliberate Harm to Emus

Dec 2020 - Road Safety Campaign

Dec 2020  - Wildlife Victoria announces appointment of new CEO

Jun 2020 - Wildlife Victoria Motorists alert with restrictions easing



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