Grant FAQs


When will I hear if I'm successful?

WIldlife Victoria's Volunteer Grants will be on offer after June 2023



Can I apply for both grants if I am a Carer and Rescuer?


A WV volunteer can only apply for one grant as there is a limited pool of funds. 

Can I apply if I've been a transporter for more than 12 months?


Transporters can apply for the Rescuers grant.

Can I apply if I have not been a volunteer for 12 months?


Volunteers with under 12 months service, may be considered, depending on the number and regularity of WV cases allocated to them. 

What if I don't have my DELWP Carer authorisation letter?

You should have your current DELWP Carer authoridation letter by now, dated expiry 30th June 2023.

If you have not received it, you can ask DELWP to email you proof of your authorisation, which can then be forwarded to WV.

Can I apply for a Grant if I am not a volunteer with Wildlife Victoria?


The Grant rounds are for WV volunteers only.  

There is a limited pool of funds for grants this year while the Volunteer Improvements Program takes place. 

What if my cases are not all from WV but directly from members of public or other wildlife rescue organisations?

WV can only see cases that are allocated through the WV system. In the future, if your cases are logged through Wildnet, WV can obtain more accurate data on wildlife in need, as well as your wildlife case involvement. 

Will there be 2023 Infrastructure Grants?

Decisions have not yet been made for which grants will be provided in 2023 


Can I apply for grants to use for items already purchased?

Items need to be purchased after the grant money is received and receipts need to be produced if requested.

Why are Carer grants higher than Rescuer grants?

Carer’s expenses and overheads relating to their home are ongoing, for the duration of time wildlife are within their care for rehabilitation. 

Can I apply for fuel?

Fuel can be applied for and is limited to $1,000. 

WV understands that as a volunteer, you can spend a substantial amount on fuel. It can sometimes be a deciding factor as to whether you go to a rescue or not.  

WV would prefer that grants are not solely used for fuel and that this grant gives you access to equipment which ensures the best possible outcome for the wildlife in your care.

Can I apply for Veterinary Items?


Veterinary equipment are subject to licensing and qualifications for their effective use.  

WV do not have the ability or resources to check on the requirements for the safe use and ownership of the assorted veterinary equipment that could be applied for. 

Veterinary costs and associated prescribed medications for wildlife in care can be funded.

Can I apply for Firearms or similar?


Firearms are subject to licensing and training, while the use of bolt guns and net guns require specific training for the safe and effective use for wildlife. WV do not have the ability or resources to ensure the applicant has all legal and training requirements for the safe use and ownership of these items. 

Can I apply for Motor Vehicle Accessories?


Motor vehicles can be written off or sold from one day to the next, so funds can be used for accessories which can be transferred easily from one vehicle to another. 

Can I apply for White Goods?


Prices can vary significantly for new applicnces, and prices can change from the time you apply for a grant, to the time you receive the funds.  

There are a lot of second-hand machines out there looking for a new home. 

WV would prefer that that grants give you access to other consumables and equipment to ensure the welfare of the wildlife in your care. 

White goods include: washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and microwaves. 

Do I need to send an acquittal form once I have spent the money?


WV do not require an acquittal form; however, we do expect you to retain all receipts for seven years. The Australian Charities and Not-for profits Commission can audit WV and the volunteers who receive grant money and will require receipts for proof of your spend. 


If you don't see your question here, please check back when the Terms and Conditions for each grant are released in 2023

Otherwise you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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