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It's Cute & Cuddly 'Til They Need Our Help

Abbott-Obama KoalaThe entire world was captivated as our world leaders cuddled with koalas and posed for the press, and rightfully so; it's not every day that you see an entire room full of powerful politicians grinning from ear to ear. While it's wonderful to see the smiles our native wildlife bring to the faces of millions of visitors every year, we know the smiles would disappear if the visitors knew how desperately native wild animals need our help.


We know our iconic animals can certainly draw a crowd! United States president, Barak Obama; Russian president Vladamir Putin; and Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot were among the G20 leaders who enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with marsupials in Brisbane over the weekend and in 2014 over 6.6 million visitors arrived in Australia (Source: Tourism Australia) - and we know spotting wildlife is at the top of most travellers to-do lists whether they are in a power suit or a board shorts. However, when these wildlife lovers pack up their suitcases and head for the airport we remain to take the calls for koalas who have been injured, orphaned or who have fallen ill. 


There are actual wild koalas and other native wildlife who need your help! Each year the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Response Service receives over 65,000 calls from concerned members of the community who have come across an animal in need and our operators work tirelessly to connect these animals with specially trained volunteers. Wildlife Victoria is a not-for-profit charity and receives no on-going government funding. Generous donations from wildlife lovers like you allow us to help the cuddly koala and other native wildlife. Please make a donation today or join our Wild Friends program.




Photo Credit: ABC