Duck Hunting Campaign Updates

Wildlife Victoria is devastated by the Victorian Government’s announcement of a 2023 duck hunting season, especially after media reports suggested a permanent ban was imminent. 

Last year, 262,567 native ducks were killed in the name of sport. This number doesn’t include the thousands of waterbirds wounded and who later die from starvation, predation, or the elements. 

The Victorian Government’s decision once again places the burden of care on Wildlife Victoria’s team of veterinarians and support staff. Although it will be hard, we will be in-field saving as many lives as possible. 

The Government also announced a Parliamentary Inquiry into the ongoing viability of duck hunting and we will be using our expertise to present data showing just how devastating duck hunting is on the local water bird population and why the killing must stop. 

We want you to be involved as we keep fighting to save our precious waterbirds. Sign up now to receive important updates on our work and to find out how you can be involved in banning duck hunting in Victoria once and for all.


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