Ducklings orphaned on first day of shooting

On Saturday, the first day of the duck shooting season, Wildlife Victoria received a devastating call from a distraught member of the public who was shaking from what she had discovered - the dead bodies of two ducks who had been shot. On closer inspection she realised six ducklings were closely huddled around their dead parents. Thankfully, the majority of the community believe that our native wildlife should be protected, not treated as “sport” and these now orphaned ducklings are in care. It is devastating to know that this gutless act of cruelty is allowed.


 DuckIf you think that ducks are not fair game, tell your state MP


Wildlife Victoria CEO, Karen Masson, states, "Wildlife Victoria vigorously opposes the hunting of our iconic and much revered wildlife. Our mantra is to reduce the suffering of wildlife across Victoria and we want to see the cessation of this barbaric treatment of animals that is supported by the community." Read More.