Report a Wildlife Emergency


Extreme Heat Information - December 2015

Due to the current weather conditions our emergency response service is extremely busy. Many animals will be suffering from heat stress. Please read our fact sheet on how you can assist heat stressed wildlife here. We are so sorry if you are not able to get through to the service at this time but you may be able to assist the animal directly, so please read the fact sheet

Thanks for caring.


Please complete the following details accurately and our emergency response service will respond.


Contact Information

Veterinary clinics: Please record the staff members first name and the veterinary clinic name under last name.

Rescue Address

Include street name & number and/or park/reserve name and/or nearest corner/intersection and/or landmarks.

Wildlife Information

Veterinary clinics: please include (within description) the address of where the animal was found and approximate age. If the animal is an orphan, please also include sex and weight.


Please select the most appropiate status to help determine the priority of this case.


If you have already logged a case and wish to receive or give an update, please reply to the email you have already received. Do not log another case. Thank you.