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Meet your local trainer

Sue joined Wildlife Victoria as a rescuer in 2017 and now has hundreds of native wildlife rescues to her name.

Along with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Sue runs the Beechworth Wildlife Shelter, gives presentations to schools and community groups, and specialises in reptile care. 

You will learn how to:

  • Work with the Emergency Response Service (ERS) to attend and complete rescue and transport cases.
  • Assess, Capture, Contain, and Transport small animals, such as birds, possums, lizards, turtles, and echidnas.
  • Perform pouch checks.
  • Keep yourself and the animals safe during rescue and transport.

Please note that Basic Rescue & Transport does not cover handling adult macropods, wombats, koalas, bats, snakes, raptors, or sea wildlife. 

Session details

June 17, 10AM - 4PM
Winton Wetlands Education Centre
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