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Young Australians, Allies for Wildlife

Eastern Barred Bandicoot WikipediaWild animals across the globe have two strong allies, named today in unique editions of the Herald Sun. Isaac, a six year old from Derrimut, and Thomas, an eighteen year old who recently won the VCE Leadership Prize (and has also won Young Australian of the Year 2015 for Victoria), have both made pledges to help wild animals facing critical issues, often due to various forms of human intervention.


While birthday parties can sometimes bring out the green-eyed monster in kids, Isaac asked his friends and family to skip the presents and make donations to help native wildlife, instead. Isaac hopes he'll be able to donate his money to help the critically endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot, but this iconic marsupial is just one of many native animals in Victoria in need of help! At Wildlife Victoria we answer over 65,000 calls about sick, injured and orphaned native animals every year and provide assistance through our Emergency Response Service. In 2014 the number of calls Wildlife Victoria recieved increased by nearly 20% and, because we are a not for profit organisation and receive no government funding, as the demand for our Emergency Response Service grows we are glad to know that there are young people like Isaac raising funds to help support our native animals.


Thomas King VCE Winner

Similarly, Thomas, started on his campaign against palm oil at a young age. His passion first ignited at the age of thirteen and over the past five years he has, among other things, launched a website, volunteered with the Jane Goodall Institute and raised money to protect wildlife and their habitats in Malaysia and Indonesia. While Thomas' focus has been on overseas wildlife there is no denying that our own iconic wildlife are in desperate need of help, too.


If you'd like to lend a hand to wildlife, just as Isaac and Thomas have, we'd love to have you get involved with Wildlife Victoria. Please click here for more information about how you can help our iconic native wildlife. If you'd like to host a fundraiser in support of Wildlife Victoria please contact our Community Engagement Team at 03 9445 0310 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Eastern Barred Bandicoot Photo: Wikipedia