Human rubbish is harming our precious wildlife and we need your help.


Last year, Wildlife Victoria received 759 calls to our Wildlife Emergency Service about native animals entangled in rubbish, from 86 different species.  Another 929 animals were reported to us after getting caught in  discarded nets and barbed wire.


We also know these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg: this year alone around 100,000 marine mammal and over a million seabirds around the world will be killed by plastic litter.


We can't help all of the world's animals, but we can save the ones that are affected right here in Victoria. Your donation today will help to ensure our emergency team are on call to get these innocent victims of human carelessness the help that they need.


 Please make a donation to Wildlife Victoria TODAY to help rescue wildlife entangled in rubbish.



Want to do more to help? 


Click here to view our Wildlife & Waste tip sheet for some suggestions on small changes you can make in your own life that will help to keep wildlife safe from harm.