Who We Are


Every year thousands of native animals become sick, injured or orphaned as a direct result of human activity. If left, these animals may suffer and die in pain or of starvation. Wildlife Victoria focuses on responding to the community need to have someone to talk to when a native animal is found in distress. This is done by providing an emergency response service through our number 03 8400 7300 and directly on-line, for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. This professional service not only finds solutions to situations but also educates many callers on the habits and behaviours of our wildlife where intervention is not warranted.


Wildlife Victoria provides an essential service to the people of Victoria on behalf of the State that reassures concerned members of the public that our wildlife in need of care are provided with the most appropriate management. Where wildlife are rescued effectively, euthanised humanely when necessary, rehabilitated where possible, and released appropriately.


Last year Wildlife Victoria received 80,000 reports of wildlife in need, providing advice for many and calling on our network of over 1,500 dedicated volunteers to attend and assist over 43,528 different animals.


(ABN: 27 753 478 012)