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Thank You Wildlife Victoria

The following was received by email on 17th October 2012.


Thank you so much for everything to do with the little possum we found today. Your organisation is incredibly professional, efficient and caring.

 possum joey gif

We are SO happy that the little possum is OK. 


The advice on the hold message was fantastic - this enabled us to get the possum warm, put it in the dark and stopped us from stressing it by following our instincts to try to feed it.  The extra advice from the person who answered was great too and we were able to have the possum to the vet soon after.


We have made a donation to Wildlife Victoria through the website.  The website is great and you obviously have your search engine stuff well sorted as you came up trumps in our searching for who to contact.  We are potentially interested in getting more involved - please do let us know when the next info session is.


Kind regards,

Vivienne and Richard