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Scotch College donate 40 hand-made nesting boxes!

Just last week we were lucky enough to receive 40 very well constructed possum, bird and microbat nest boxes from students at Scotch College. As a part of their curriculum, they met with Wildlife Victoria

 volunteer Jen for advice before they began to design and construct the nest boxes based on research about living habitats, size and needs of the animal. Each nest box has been hand-made with computer

 aided design and constructed with care, ready to go up and provide a nice new and safe home for local wildlife!

Nest Boxes Scotch College




















As a part of the project, each student put together a folio, outlining their research, materials used, dimensions appropriate for varying species sizes, and alternative models to trial. Check out the very detailed foilio put together by Paul, Ashley and Louis here: Wildlife Victoria Possum Box Project


Scotch College students

(from left to right) Lachie Joe, Yannan Li and Luka Tao, with their finished products


At this stage, we are offering these wonderful nesting boxes to our dedicated volunteers, who will be able to use when releasing rehabilitated wildlife! Thanks Scotch College for your hard work.