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Save Our Ducks

Save Our Ducks No ClickWe've joined RSPCA Victoria and Animals Australia along with fifty additional wildlife, animal welfare, conservation and environmental groups to urge the Victorian Labor party to implement a policy that opposes the recreational activity of shooting native waterbirds. 
Wildlife Victoria CEO, Karen Masson, states, "Wildlife Victoria vigorously opposes the hunting of our iconic and much revered wildlife. Our mantra is to reduce the suffering of wildlife across Victoria and we want to see the cessation of this barbaric treatment of animals that is supported by the community."
This attitude towards duck hunting is common in Australia. Labor governments in NSW, WA and QLD have outlawed recreational duck shooting and we hope the Victorian Labor government will follow their lead. Fewer than 1% of the Victorian population participate in duck hunting and we know there is a strong opposition against the cruel "sport". However, the fate of Victorian ducks is still uncertain and as the Victorian election approaches we need your help!
Please have your voice heard and help us to save Victorian ducks. There are many ways to help - spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and contact your local MP via phone or email.
If you do choose to share your voice to help save our ducks you'll be just as wonderful as the individuals in this amazing video from our friends at Animals Australia.