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Response to revelations aired on Four Corners 16/02/2015

17thFebruary 2015


Wildlife Victoria is sickened and appalled by these acts of cruelty inflicted on small animals in the practice of “live baiting”.


Karen Masson CEO with Wildlife Victoria stated. “The greyhound industry, while proclaiming to be clean and legitimate, is clearly and evidently practising abhorrent cruelty in its’ training of greyhounds. The footage shown on four corners clearly exposed the shocking practice of using live animals namely, possums, rabbits and piglets, and showed them being mauled to death by greyhounds as part of their training. Enough evidence has been shown that this practice is systemic throughout the greyhound industry. The perpetrators must swiftly feel the full force of the law and the sponsors of the industry who put their name and money to support this industry must withdraw immediately. This is the only way these practices will desist.” Karen went on to say.


“We implore all supporters of this industry to unite and withdraw that support immediately. This action will lead to actual change and stop the cruelty, not just pay lip service where they say one thing but clearly do the wrong thing. If the money stops then the industry will have to change.” Karen concluded.  


Wildlife Victoria commends the work of Animal Liberation Queensland and Animals Australia for their exposure of this abhorrent cruelty to animals.