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Petra the oil slicked penguin


A WP 20130417_015

Petra the little penguin was found on the shores of Port Fairy absolutely covered from head to toe in crude oil. It’s unknown how she encountered the messy residue however one can only imagine it was the result of illegally dumped oil in the ocean which has since been reported to the authorities. A call was made to Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service and Petra was rescued shortly after. Volunteer Tracey then took Petra home to her wildlife shelter and gave her the first of many baths to try and remove the oil which completely covered her.

Here are Tracey’s thoughts about Petra:


“This little penguin is the sweetest penguin I have had in care. The only thing she really does not like is being dressed like Barbie in the knitted ‘dress tube’ that stops her preening the oiled feathers. She is much stronger and happier than she was on arrival and no doubt looking forward to being out of dresses and into the pool. Swimming is off the cards until all the oil is gone as she is not currently water proof. I hold out hope that there won’t be any long term damage to organs and she goes on to live a long life and avoids oil.”  Volunteer Rescuer & Shelter Operator, Tracey Wilson

Here are some more images of Petra's recovery:

B WP 20130411_006 cropped

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UPDATE: 22nd May 2013 


Petra's carer Tracey has advised that she is recovering really well from her oily ordeal. She has no more oil on her and is swimming around her pool really well. Here are some pics of her progress.


Petra without oil 22.05.13 web Petra swimming without oil 22.05.13 web