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Introducing Isaac the Wildlife Warrior!



You may have heard about Isaac – one of Melbourne’s most inspirational 8 year olds, combatting wildlife issues one animal at a time. In Isaac’s short life, he has already learnt so much about animals and has become a great advocate for saving animals and bringing more awareness into the world.



Isaac’s favourite native Australian animal is the Eastern Barred Bandicoot because they can jump 1.2 metres off the ground! He reckons that’s pretty impressive given how small they are. He loves the diversity of wildlife; how different species can swim, how some can fly – it’s all so incredible! A few years ago, Isaac met a lovely Sumatran tiger at Australia Zoo. When he discovered that they were endangered, that was the moment he realised he wanted to help.


Now, every second week, Isaac is out and about at a local wildlife shelter, learning all about native animals and helping to feed them and clean their houses. When he is older, he would love to combine all of his loves and be a Palaeontologist, a singer, a dancer, an animal rescuer, a scientist, an author and an illustrator!




But for now, he has one important message for you all – “we are sharing the earth with wildlife so we need to be aware of how we need to care for our environment and the animals within it. We can be a part of the solution, not the problem!” When we asked him if he could be any animal, which would he be - he said he would love to be a grey wolf, because they are very fierce and fast. We agree that those traits suit such a driven and passionate young-man! You can follow Isaac’s adventures on Instagram: @isaacwildlifewarrior



What an inspiration - Come and meet Isaac at our next RACV Wild Bytes – Stories From Your Backyard FREE event on Saturday 10 December  from 2pm at the Melton Library and Learning Hub. Isaac will be speaking about what it is that he loves about wildlife, what we should all be aware of, and to share his story, before we are joined by three Wildlife Victoria volunteer rescuers and carers to give you lots of great tips for helping wildlife in your own backyard. 


Registrations can be made online here.