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Let’s speak up for Wildlife in Victoria


Every day concerned Victorians speak up for our precious native wildlife. They go out of their way to contact Wildlife Victoria or they protect and rescue our precious and native wildlife.


Wildlife Victoria will receive up to 300 calls with stories of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife needing help, from concerned and compassionate Victorians every day.


They all have one thing in common – they speak up for our wildlife.


It is ordinary Victorians speaking up for our wildlife


Earlier this year, just after duck season commenced, a concerned resident from Moderra, located on the Surf Coast Shire of Victoria, called Wildlife Victoria’s wildlife emergency service.


She had found a native, pink eared duck in her backyard, shot and injured. Immediately one of our Wildlife Victoria volunteers was dispatched to attend the scene, transferring the duck safely to a local emergency vet clinic.


When we all speak up for wildlife, businesses listen


Recently, a tawny frogmouth was trapped on tar like substance on the train tracks at Flinders Street Station. As you and I know, Flinders Street is the busiest station in Victoria.


Thankfully, Metro Trains spotted the young bird and contacted Wildlife Victoria immediately. They diverted the trains to other tracks so as not to injure the tawny any further, while Metro employees helped our rescuer with the recovery.


Wildlife Victoria are the lifeline for our wildlife


Last year alone over 80,000 calls for help were received by Wildlife Victoria, with our 1,500 volunteers across Victoria helping 43,528 native wildlife from 271 different species!


Our volunteers, members of the community, caring vets and compassionate donors all speak up for our wildlife.


Join their voices in three easy steps:


  1. Make a donation to Wildlife Victoria TODAY

    With growing demand for your services, your donation means more animals can be rescued, more volunteers trained, more caring Victorians helped when they contact us. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will give a voice to wildlife. Click here to donate now.
  2. Register your support for wildlife

    Lend your voice to our growing #ispeakupforwildlife register. This is one way to get government to hear our concerns that more needs to be done to protect and care for ALL species of Australian wildlife. Together we can send a powerful message to government that there is a whole community out there, ready and willing to speak up for our wildlife. Register your support when you make a secure online donation
  3. Show your love for wildlife to your family and friends

    Go one step further and use our hashtag #ispeakupforwildlife to show your support for wildlife on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Let your family and friends know what wildlife means to you and encourage them to join our #ispeakupforwildlife register.


Thank you for showing your support for our precious native wildlife.


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