Bushcare's Big Day Out

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Held annually in spring, Bushcare’s Big Day Out (BBDO) is a national day of community participation to restore remnant bushland. BBDO is a day designed to give every one of us the opportunity to find out more about our bushland. What is being done? What can be done in the bush where we live, so that it thrives?

The next BBDO will take place on Sunday September 16 2018.

It’s a fun day where anyone can get involved and learn alongside experts.  Activities can include weed removal, tree planting, mulching or even follow up maintenance on sites where rehabilitation has already begun. BBDO events are also a fantastic opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise through activities like bird watching, plant identification workshops and species monitoring. Come along, and bring a friend!

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Explore the map to see which animals were in need of our help in your local area last month. The points on this map all relate to a single animal, or family of animals, reported to Wildlife Victoria last month. (Yes, this is just one month!)