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Echidnas on the Move

Echidna Wildlife Victoria On the MoveOver the past few weeks the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Service Operators have received an overwhelming number of calls about echidnas on the move - out for a stroll in the parklands or foraging for food in a backyard garden. A lot of people see these amazing animals in an unusual setting and feel compelled to rescue echidnas the instant they see them. In most cases, all that is needed is for the kids and dogs to be moved inside to allow the echidna time to relax and move along. During spring and summer the males go searching for mates, and the females need to search further for food to support the growing babies in their burrow. It is very important that echidnas are not removed during this period. Translocation may mean the female echidna is unable to find her burrow of babies. It is highly unlikely that the echidna will take up residence, and that it is simply using your yard as a thoroughfare – feeding ground. Give the echidna a few of hours and it will likely have moved on. Please advise the owner to alert their neighbours so that dogs will kept inside and future calls can be avoided.


If you've found an echidna or another native wild animal that is sick, injured or orphaned please contact Wildlife Victoria by logging a case online or by calling our Emergency Response Service at 13 000 94535.