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Duck Cruelty in Boronia

Duck Cruelty

Photo: Magda Wozny 

On Saturday afternoon Wildlife Victoria responded to a distress call from the RSPCA regarding a Chestnut Teal Duck with horrific injuries. The duck was described as having an arrow in the side of its head and right through its neck protruding out the other side.

A team of trained and experienced volunteer wildlife rescuers were dispatched by Wildlife Victoria to co-ordinate a rescue attempt. The duck who was clearly suffering from these horrific wounds was obviously wary of humans and took flight at every approach. A decision has been made to monitor the duck over the next day or so as to limit the distress of the animal and eventually attempt a rescue when the duck has calmed.

The duck was seen near the corner of Market and Army roads Boronia. We would ask that members of the public maintain their distance from the duck to give rescuers the best chance of successfully capturing the injured animals and getting it much needed sugery to remove the arrow.


UPDATE: 19TH March 2013 5.00pm
The duck was rescued late last night and transported to the Animal Emergency Centre in Hallam where it underwent lifesaving surgery to remove the blow dart. After coming through surgery stable and being monitored for some time, the duck was transported to a nearby wildlife shelter with slow release pain medication for further observation and rehabilitation. At this stage the priority is to allow the duck to heal completely but to release it as soon as safely possible as the ducks mate is pining for it. Fingers are crossed for a happy ending to this horrific story of cruelty.