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Doncaster Wallaby Rescue


Wallaby Doncaster MOP pIcture


On the morning of the 21st of February, the Emergency Response Service received a call from a parking attendant at Doncaster Westfield shopping centre. One of their customers had spotted a wallaby balancing precariously on a ledge of the 4th story car park. Rescuers could only speculate as to how the wallaby managed to navigate the expansive car park and how he had come to sit atop a ledge gazing down a sheer drop to concrete and parked cars below. It is likely the wallaby emerged from nearby parklands or bush found in the adjoining suburbs of Warrandyte or Templestowe and entered the complex on the Williamson Road side using the steep ramps that wind to the top.

A team of 6 volunteer rescuers were assembled to attend and assess the situation on site. The location of the wallaby made the use of a kangaroo net or similar device to capture him much too dangerous and so a perimeter was established with rescuers using multiple nets to seal various ramps the wallaby might have attempted escape through. The car park staff on site also eagerly maintained the perimeter and redirected traffic whilst handling curious customers.


 A tense waiting game began whilst a volunteer with a tranquilliser gun was en route to the rescue. The wallaby leaped from the ledge back into the car park and returned to various ledges on multiple occasions as rescuers watched uneasily in the distance. After some time, the wallaby moved inwards, towards the shopping complex and most importantly, away from any ledges. This was when the darting could finally begin. After an initial missed shot, the wallaby was successfully sedated, he appeared underweight but on preliminary inspection his feet didn’t look overly damaged or worn from his suburban jaunt. He was transported to a nearby shelter for further assessment and care. Unfortunately in the days following the rescue the wallaby passed away.


Doncaster Wall Lee Ferraro