Good on ya Brent! Wildlife rescue

Blog (and photos) by Creative Cowboy Films Australian Rules Football star Brent Harvey (North Melbourne) becomes ambassador for Wildlife Victoria and we join Brent and the Wildlife Victoria team on animal rescue missions around Melbourne. Read complete article     ... Read more..

Response to revelations aired on Four Corners 16/02/2015

17thFebruary 2015   Wildlife Victoria is sickened and appalled by these acts of cruelty inflicted on small animals in the practice of “live baiting”.   Karen Masson CEO with Wildlife Victoria stated. “The greyhound industry, while proclaiming to be... Read more..
koala footage response

Koalas in Bluegum Plantations

Response to video footage of a tree being felled with a koala clearly sitting in the canopy. 4th February 2015  Wildlife Victoria is appalled by any act of cruelty inflicted on an animal. This footage showing a tree being harvested in a bluegum plantation near Portland, clearly... Read more..