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Rope Bridges for Wildlife - A brilliant Idea!

Great job by our friends at ARCUE in initiating this successful research project. We’d love to see more wildlife bridges across Australia in years to come! Read the complete article here.   Read more...

Happy ending for Ron, the swan

Ron, the swan from Sanctuary Lakes, who was reported to the Wildlife Victoria's Emergency Response Service when a member of the public saw it entagled in a fishing line, had a very happy outcome today. It required hours on the operating table for the hook to be removed, but has... Read more...

Ducklings orphaned on first day of shooting

On Saturday, the first day of the duck shooting season, Wildlife Victoria received a devastating call from a distraught member of the public who was shaking from what she had discovered - the dead bodies of two ducks who had been shot. On closer inspection she realised six ducklings... Read more...