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Catch Up with Patch

Patch CropA few weeks ago we shared a story about Patch, the kangaroo joey, whose mother had been struck and killed by a car in Clarkefield at the beginning of August.  At only 10 months old, this tiny joey was still completely dependent on his mother to survive - so without her, he didn't have a chance on his own. 


We are happy to share with you that Patch is thriving in foster care! Over the last few months, Patch has made new friends with other orphaned joeys. Although playing with his new friends is lots of fun and games, this socialisation is imperative to his development and chances of survival once he is released back into the wild. Patch is spending lots of time on foot but will not be released for another year. In the wild, a joey will typically spend up to two years with mum while she shows them how to live and hopefully survive in challenging conditions.


Patch has missed out on this vital part of his life but our dedicated team of experienced volunteer foster carers work tirelessly to ensure that orphaned animals, just like Patch, get the second chance they deserve.

Wildlife Victoria is overwhelmed with wildlife rescue calls for wildlife like Patch. Donate here to help us answer these calls to help our native wildlife.