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Buckley's Chance

On the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd October, Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service received a call from a train passanger at Carnegie station. He’d spotted a young fledgling magpie stranded on the tracks below; trains passing overhead.

The Rescue



The caller informed us that he had actually noticed the bird a day earlier and was alarmed to see it had not flown from its position. Given the precarious location of the creature the Emergency Phone Operator couldn’t send a rescuer down to the bird until the tracks were closed. Luckily Metro Trains acted quickly and dispatched staff to the station to halt the trains for approximately 10 minutes. In this time Wildlife Victoria rescuer volunteers were escorted onto the tracks to carefully remove the young bird for examination and care.




Buckley, as the magpie was christened, is now resting up in care to gain some much needed weight before release.

During spring, Wildlife Victoria received thousands of calls for fledgling birds. A natural stage of development, it is when a bird has left the nest but isn’t quite able to fly just yet. During this period they may wonder around the area learning to feed and strengthening their flight muscles. You can often identify these young birds by their mix of fluffy feathers and adult feathers.




In most cases, they should be left to their own devices as their parents will swoop down to feed them intermittently. Often, well-meaning members of the public will “rescue” a fledgling, from their yard, unaware that they are in fact kidnapping a healthy bird. In cases such as this, it’s best the bird be returned as soon as possible.

If you think you’ve spotted a sick, injured or orphaned native bird please don’t hesitate to call the Emergency Response Service on 13 000 94535, our operators are ready to help.