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Koalas in Bluegum Plantations

Response to video footage of a tree being felled with a koala clearly sitting in the canopy.

4th February 2015
 koala footage responseWildlife Victoria is appalled by any act of cruelty inflicted on an animal.
This footage showing a tree being harvested in a bluegum plantation near Portland, clearly containing a koala clinging to the branche
s, is very, very distressing.

It shows blatant disregard for the welfare of this koala. Koalas have been forced over-time to reside in bluegum plantations through l
oss of their natural habitat.
There have been a series of meetings held over the last two years involving all relevant stakeholders where we have been told that these barbaric practices have ceased and new safe protocols have been put in place.
Sadly, these are just words and clearly on the ground operations have not changed.
It is time for the Victorian government department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning to step up their involvement to ensure these practices cease immediately so that these koalas are fully protected and that the perpetrators of these acts of cruelty are punished for their actions.
We understand the koala in the footage is still alive and has climbed back into one of the remaining trees. Unfortunately we do not know what injuries she may have sustained during the fall but she is being monitored by local carers for any signs of stress. It has been confirmed that she has a joey.