Wildlife Victoria would like to share our gratitude with the students and teachers from St. Patrick's College in Ballarat for their amazing support towards our native wildlife.   For the past 7 months they have been busy building 100 wooden nesting boxes for possums, gliders and other wildlife. This amazing work will support many of the wildlife carers in the region, who use the nesting boxes during the rehabilitation and release of many injured, orphaned and sick animals.   All carers are

Bev Brown is a volunteer wildlife carer currently with 15 orphaned or injured, recovering grey headed flying foxes in her backyard flight aviary. Bev is Wildlife Victoria’s Species Advisor on Mega Bats.   According to Bev “recent news reports about the lyssavirus threat from grey headed flying foxes at the colony in Kew have generally missed some critical points”.  Bev explains that a flying fox bite is treatable with a needle in the same way a rusty nail injury isn’t fatal from tetanus.