Photo: Magda Wozny  On Saturday afternoon Wildlife Victoria responded to a distress call from the RSPCA regarding a Chestnut Teal Duck with horrific injuries. The duck was described as having an arrow in the side of its head and right through its neck protruding out the other side. A team of trained and experienced volunteer wildlife rescuers were dispatched by Wildlife Victoria to co-ordinate a rescue attempt. The duck who was clearly suffering from these horrific wounds was obviously wary

    On the morning of the 21st of February, the Emergency Response Service received a call from a parking attendant at Doncaster Westfield shopping centre. One of their customers had spotted a wallaby balancing precariously on a ledge of the 4th story car park. Rescuers could only speculate as to how the wallaby managed to navigate the expansive car park and how he had come to sit atop a ledge gazing down a sheer drop to concrete and parked cars below. It is likely the wallaby emerged from

Spring is a busy time here at Wildlife Victoria. We receive many calls from concerned members of the community about "baby birds" who they believe have been abandoned by their parents.   It is important to know that the vast majority have not been “abandoned or orphaned” and the parents are near by keeping a close eye on their young.  Many of these birds are in fact fledglings that have recently left the nest and are learning to fly for a period of time anywhere from a few days to a few

The following was received by email on 17th October 2012.   Thank you so much for everything to do with the little possum we found today. Your organisation is incredibly professional, efficient and caring.   We are SO happy that the little possum is OK.    The advice on the hold message was fantastic - this enabled us to get the possum warm, put it in the dark and stopped us from stressing it by following our instincts to try to feed it.  The extra advice from the person who answered was

  At 7.15am on the morning of Saturday 8th September 2012, a call was received by Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service about a seal trying to cross Beaconsfield Pde in St Kilda.    Amy Amato, a trained volunteer rescuer was called to the scene to assist police and curious onlookers. Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Phone Operator Lucinda made contact with Melbourne Zoo seal keepers which were put in direct contact with the rescuer on the scene.   Acting on the advice from

Wildlife Victoria would like to thank Melbourne Water for taking action to improve a large open drain at Ringwood Lake.   Many calls have been received on the Emergency Response Service over an extended period from concerned members of the public due to a large open drain in one of the lakes. Many ducks and ducklings have become trapped on this site and sadly many drowned.   Following correspondence from Wildlife Victoria CEO Karen Masson, Melbourne Water designed, built and installed a

3rd May 2012 - Wildlife Victoria's response to Minister Burke's announcement on our iconic koalas.   Wildlife Victoria, the state’s peak wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group, while applauding the Federal Environment Minister’s announcement regarding the listing of koalas as a vulnerable species, is very disappointed and concerned that Victoria’s koalas were not here to read more.

Once again, game shooters will take to waterlands across Victoria this year to shoot innocent ducks all in the name of sport.   This year's season has been extended and will last 12 long weeks, commencing on Saturday 17 March 2012. Duck shooting has been banned in WA, QLD, NSW and ACT, yet for some reason our Victorian Bailleu Government is allowing a full season to go ahead once again. DO YOU THINK DUCK SHOOTING SHOULD BE ALLOWED?   PLEASE voice your opinion! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.