Myf Warhurst


Wildlife Victoria Ambassador Myf Warhurst has a true passion for our native wildlife. Spending

 most of her youth in rural Victoria she grew up with our iconic native wildlife in her backyard! Myf was born in Portland, Victoria and then moved with her family to Donald and then to Red Cliffs. She attended University of Melbourne. She is a writer/producer and is best known for her role on Spicks and Specs and her former gig as radio host on Triple J. She currently hosts the lunch program on ABC's digital radio station Double J.



Where The Wild Things Are - hosted by Myf Warhurst 


Myf Warhust hosted Where the Wild Things Are, our twenty fifth anniversary event in November 2014.


It was an evening filled with entertainment and excitement as the gorgeous WV ambassador and event host went down the list announcing the winners of each of the silent auction prizes, that had been donated to Wildlife Victoria. Thanks to our generous supporters, over $10,000 was raised for the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Response Service at our twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

Here you will find news about the event including fabulous photos from the event and contact information for the organisations that donated in-kind items for our silent auction and raffle. 



Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service is invaluable, giving the public somewhere to call every time they find a distressed sick, injured or orphaned native animal. We are here to make sure our precious native animal’s welfare needs are matched with the volunteer service most appropriate; be that a rescuer, transporter, carer, vet, or other specialist.


EPS-photoOur service is staffed with highly trained operators who progress through a series of questions with each caller. This ensures that the exact details of each animal and that particular situation are recorded along with gathering all those vital statistics used to improve conditions and advocate for wildlife over the longer term.


Supporting our trained operators is a state-of-the-art database which pinpoints the exact address of the animal needing care and the network of volunteers available at that time within a certain geographical radius. The whole process is automated through a case numbering system which sends out SMS messages to volunteers, follow up emails to all parties connected to that unique case number and the eventual fate of the animal is reported back to the caller.      


“The call was handled so well and the info on the phone line was also very helpful. An excellent service for both wildlife and people who find them”. 

Angela, who called about a baby ringtail possum


This vital emergency service responds to hundreds of calls every day. During spring we can receive over 500 calls in one day. We know that the need is greater than we can sometimes supply but we are working hard to try and fulfil this need while liaising with authorities and trying to change some of the circumstances that contribute negatively toward native animal welfare. 


If this Emergency Response Service did not exist the community would have nowhere to go when they find distressed wildlife. The welfare of native animals in this State would also diminish. We rely on the generous donations of the public to keep this service operating, while the wildlife rely on us.


“I witnessed a dog attack a brushtail possum in East St Kilda. It was a great relief to me that I could call Wildlife Victoria and know that someone would be able to help the possum.


The possum very sadly had to be put down in the end but I would not have wanted it to suffer for any longer than it did if it was not going to make a full recovery.

I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to the very kind staff member who took my initial call when I was very distressed. Thank you to the volunteer who went to the park on a Sunday morning to rescue the possum and thank you to the vet and the carers who looked after the possum. Thank you for keeping me updated on the progress of the possum.”


Eva, who called for a brushtail possum.


Please consider making a donation today to help continue this important community service.


Click here to make a donation.



Every year thousands of native animals become sick, injured or orphaned as a direct result of human activity. If left, these animals may suffer and die in pain or of starvation. Wildlife Victoria focuses on responding to the community need to have someone to talk to when a native animal is found in distress. This is done by providing an emergency response service through our number 03 8400 7300 and directly on-line, for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. This professional service not only finds solutions to situations but also educates many callers on the habits and behaviours of our wildlife where intervention is not warranted.


Wildlife Victoria provides an essential service to the people of Victoria on behalf of the State that reassures concerned members of the public that our wildlife in need of care are provided with the most appropriate management. Where wildlife are rescued effectively, euthanised humanely when necessary, rehabilitated where possible, and released appropriately.


Last year Wildlife Victoria received 80,000 reports of wildlife in need, providing advice for many and calling on our network of over 1,500 dedicated volunteers to attend and assist over 43,528 different animals.


(ABN: 27 753 478 012)

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Davidson


Finance and Administration Manager

Rod Borlase


Fundraising Manager

Caroline Dazey


Operations Supervisor

Emily Small


Operations Support Officer

David Wakeling


Events & Marketing Coordinator

Zaylee Saint-James Turner


Finance & Administration Assistant

Dana Frew


AND Our fantastic Team of Emergency Response Operators – ON CALL TO HELP




Our vision is to live in a community that cares about the welfare of Australian wildlife.



Wildlife Victoria provides a vital link for the community between distressed Australian wildlife and the appropriate response and care needed. We utilise our technology, experience and knowledge, together with positive collaborations to advocate for better wildlife welfare and educate the community about how to successfully co-exist with these iconic creatures.


Wildlife Victoria – we’re here for wildlife!