Epic Rescue of "Finny"   When this grey-headed flying-fox clutched onto a window fitting in Abbotsford, his claw's  became stuck. For at least two days he was unable to leave the roof of the warehouse. Luckily, building staff noticed him and contacted Wildlife Victoria.   Watch volunteer rescuer Amy explain the complexities of this kind of rescue and the monumental effort that unfolded.  

Kangaroos rescued from mine shaft     Last week was disastrous for Victoria’s kangaroos. In just seven days from Sunday the 22nd to Saturday the 28th of November 238 kangaroos were reported to Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service needing help. The following remarkable story was just one of these many reports.   Late in the afternoon of Sunday the 22nd of November, Wildlife Victoria received a call from Shaun and his walking companion, concerned members of the public. They had

(Updated: Monday, 14 September 2015)   Spot the kangaroo before being rescued                         Early on 31st August 2015, Wildlife Victoria received a report of an eastern grey kangaroo with an arrow through its head. Sadly these reports of cruelty to wildlife are not uncommon. Volunteers were quickly sent to the scene however unable to rescue the poor critter. Property owner Marcus informed Wildlife Victoria that the animal was known as “Spot” who often

Shooters and Fishers MP Daniel Young suggested on 26th August 2015 that “Victoria introduce an open season when kangaroos could be hunted like other game species to control kangaroo numbers.” And the article: Victorian MP Calls For Open Season On Kangaroos The situation is “out of control”, according to Harcourt orchardist and cider maker Scott Harrington. He was referring to the growing number of kangaroos that regularly attack his apple trees.   WILDLIFE VICTORIA’S RESPONSE   KANGAROOS

The incident occurred in Jan 2015 during the KFC T20 Big Bash League clash at the MCG. Luckily the seagull survived and flew off after it's ordeal.    Subsequent to this incident, MCG staff contacted Wildlife Victoria enquiring about wildlife rescue training opportunities for their staff to better prepare them for another incident.    On Wednesday 19th August, Wildlife Victoria trained the MCG arena team on how to safely rescue and transport birds and possums. The team now feels much more

Spring is finally here and with it comes the miracle of new life in all its splendour!   As our emergency response service starts to get inundated with calls about baby birds, ducklings and cygnets, we get to see some amazing stories of loving and caring members of our community interacting positively with our native wildlife.   Anne Simson, a wildlife lover, was kind enough to share her experiences with ducklings this year. She was lucky to have ducklings hatch in her balcony twice and was

Hi Everyone,  I'm a baby rainbow lorikeet (well technically, a 'fledgling'). You can tell I'm a young'un 'cos my beak is a dark browny color. When I grow up it'll be bright orange. You've probably seen me hanging out recently on the ground in the parks and in silly spots beside the road. DON'T PANIC! I'm usually OK, it's just time for me to learn how to fly. Listen carefully and you can probably hear my mum and dad calling to me from somewhere nearby, making sure I'm safe.  If you think I

Great job by our friends at ARCUE in initiating this successful research project. We’d love to see more wildlife bridges across Australia in years to come! Read the complete article here.