On Saturday, the first day of the duck shooting season, Wildlife Victoria received a devastating call from a distraught member of the public who was shaking from what she had discovered - the dead bodies of two ducks who had been shot. On closer inspection she realised six ducklings were closely huddled around their dead parents. Thankfully, the majority of the community believe that our native wildlife should be protected, not treated as “sport” and these now orphaned ducklings are in care. It

4th March 2015   Wildlife Victoria is extremely saddened to hear reports of secret culling of koalas which appear to have occurred during 2013-2014. (The news article about this can be found here) While it is known that the koala population in the Otways region in Victoria has been suffering for some time we were unaware that an action plan had been implemented. We sincerely hope that all alternatives were explored before this seemingly drastic step was taken.   “It’s difficult to

Australian Rules Football star Brent Harvey (North Melbourne) becomes ambassador for Wildlife Victoria and we join Brent and the Wildlife Victoria team on animal rescue missions around Melbourne. Read complete article    

17thFebruary 2015   Wildlife Victoria is sickened and appalled by these acts of cruelty inflicted on small animals in the practice of “live baiting”.   Karen Masson CEO with Wildlife Victoria stated. “The greyhound industry, while proclaiming to be clean and legitimate, is clearly and evidently practising abhorrent cruelty in its’ training of greyhounds. The footage shown on four corners clearly exposed the shocking practice of using live animals namely, possums, rabbits and piglets, and

Media Release 10thFebruary 2015   A female eastern grey kangaroo sighted with an arrow through her head currently has an “at-foot joey” completely dependent on her. The pair were last sighted on Monday 9th Feb at 8.12pm near the Manna Gum car park at Westerfolds Park off Fitzsimons Lane in Templestowe. The bright orange tipped arrow is lodged behind the kangaroo’s ears on her head. “Wildlife experts who have assessed the kangaroo are confident that the arrow has not damaged the kangaroo’s

Response to video footage of a tree being felled with a koala clearly sitting in the canopy. 4th February 2015  Wildlife Victoria is appalled by any act of cruelty inflicted on an animal. This footage showing a tree being harvested in a bluegum plantation near Portland, clearly containing a koala clinging to the branche s, is very, very distressing. It shows blatant disregard for the welfare of this koala. Koalas have been forced over-time to reside in bluegum plantations through l oss

Read here Response to Andrew Rule's Article: Inside the secret nocturnal world of possum control. @andrew_rule Possums are a part of our wonderful suburban ecosystem. http://t.co/JS1ZsA7JBM — Wildlife Victoria (@wildlife_vic) February 3, 2015    

This little flying fox got caught in the netting but was lucky enough to be reported to Wildlife Victoria by a caring member of the community. One of our wonderful volunteers (pictured) rescued the cute little fellow and sent him to rehabilitation till he recovered fully to be released back to the wild.   Getting caught in fruit nets and heat stress are two very common reasons that these beautiful creatures get reported to Wildlife Victoria for help.    A big thanks to our volunteers,