The following statistics represent the 54,034 calls to Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service in the last 12 months. The average time on hold for callers was 3 minutes and 4 seconds.

Cases & Animals

In arranging volunteers during the last 12 months, Wildlife Victoria sent 157,232 SMS messages, made 67,510 calls and received 48,110 SMS messages.

3,245 Orphans



Top 5 Species

The top 5 cause types for native animals called into the Emergency Response Service were lead by 'Found on Ground' which can include a series of reasons not obvious the to caller such as extreme weather, road accident or other. The second most common reason was for animals 'Hit by Vehicle' followed by 'Displaced', 'Found within Building' and 'Attacked by Cat'. These highlight the ways that human intervention impacts our iconic and precious wildlife.



Top 5 Suburbs & Towns

When comparing cases across the State 68% of wildlife rescues where in metropolitan regions compared to 32% in regional areas. This is also reflected in cases of animals going into care with 70% occurring in the inner metropolitan areas and 30% in country Victoria.