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Our wildlife finds itself in sad and distressing situations every hour of every day and we need to be here to answer those calls to make sure there is someone to look out for their welfare.  Wildlife Victoria receives those calls from members of the community, councils, government departments and other services. For us to continue to provide this service we need your regular support. With regular donations we are able to plan continuing services that best meets these on-going needs.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Credit Card:

If you are interested in becoming a ‘WildFriend’, please visit our online donation form and select “Frequency - Monthly” in the transaction details. Alternatively you can call 03 9445 0310 to speak to Lee or by .


Direct Debit:

To set up a regular direct debit straight from your bank account simply click here to download the authorisation form, once completed, return it to our office. Either via or through the post to Wildlife Victoria, Box 3 288 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065.




WildFriends' Program Options




Meet Eddy, who heads our Ringtail possums’ option at just $20 a month

Eddy the ringtail possum

Eddy the baby ringtail possum had spent some time crying in his dead mother’s pouch. The person who was about to dispose of her body noticed her pouch moving. He called Wildlife Victoria for urgent help.  We placed Eddy with a carer. We even found a female to pair him with and Eddy is now looking forward to being released back into the wild! If you can pledge $20 a month, Eddy would be delighted to welcome you to the WildFriends’ Ringtail Possums!




Meet Les, who heads our Owls’ Option at $35 a month

Les the boobook owl

Les the boobook owl was found on the side of the road, concussed and with a badly damaged eye. We organised for his rescue.  Once Les had rebuilt his flight muscles, he was released right where he’d been found. After flying to a nearby tree, Les took to the night sky, once again a free owl. If you can stretch your support to $35 a month, then the WildFriends’ Owls are for you!





Meet Maggie, who heads our Koalas’ Option at $50 a month

Maggie the koala

Young koala Maggie wandered into a supermarket, looking very weak. We dispatched a rescuer who couldn’t find Maggie’s mother, so took her to a carer who found her to be severely dehydrated and anaemic. The little koala is now being cared for. Her health has improved so much that she will be released this summer with a group of other young koalas. We’ll be very happy to welcome any new WildFriends and we remain very grateful for your support, no matter the way in which you choose to give it. If you can give an extra special $50 a month, then it’s a big koala hug from Maggie!


If you want to join WildFriends, but you want to choose your own fixed sum, tick the ‘My Choice’ option on the donation form. We’ll be very happy to welcome any new WildFriends and we remain very grateful for your support.


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