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Seal of Approval

  This young seal was reported near Port Campbell in mid-July, it later returned to the ocean and was likely resting on the beach.
If you spot a seal on the beach please keep your distance to avoid an unnecessary encounter or stressing the creature. If you’re walking... Read more...
Raven entangled in tree

Entangled Raven - A New Rescuer's Account

  Talk about a baptism of fire for a new rescuer!!!    The raven as pictured was trapped in the tree by its leg. The height of the tree was approximately 12m and it was trapped almost at the very top. There was no way to safely climb the tree nor were there any ladders... Read more...
Traquilised Kangaroo and Joey at Riddles Creek

Bushfires 2014

Update: 27th March 2014   Although several fire affected areas remain off-limits, where safe to do so, volunteers have been searching for wildlife survivors. Currently all fire grounds are now classified controlled or safe.
One of the largest fire zones was in the... Read more...