This little flying fox got caught in the netting but was lucky enough to be reported to Wildlife Victoria by a caring member of the community. One of our wonderful volunteers (pictured) rescued the cute little fellow and sent him to rehabilitation till he recovered fully to be released back to the wild.   Getting caught in fruit nets and heat stress are two very common reasons that these beautiful creatures get reported to Wildlife Victoria for help.    A big thanks to our volunteers,

Myf Warhust, Wildlife Ambassador and the host of Where the Wild Things Are, is just one of the gorgeous guests who stopped by our photo booth at our twenty fifth anniversary event last Friday. Thanks to our generous supporters over $10,000 was raised for the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Response Service at our twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, Where The Wild Things Are. Below you will find fabulous photos from the event and contact information for the organisations that donated in-kind items

Wild animals across the globe have two strong allies, named today in unique editions of the Herald Sun. Isaac, a six year old from Derrimut, and Thomas, an eighteen year old who recently won the VCE Leadership Prize (and has also won Young Australian of the Year 2015 for Victoria), have both made pledges to help wild animals facing critical issues, often due to various forms of human intervention.   While birthday parties can sometimes bring out the green-eyed monster in kids, Isaac asked his

We've joined RSPCA Victoria and Animals Australia along with fifty additional wildlife, animal welfare, conservation and environmental groups to urge the Victorian Labor party to implement a policy that opposes the recreational activity of shooting native waterbirds.    Wildlife Victoria CEO, Karen Masson, states, "Wildlife Victoria vigorously opposes the hunting of our iconic and much revered wildlife. Our mantra is to reduce the suffering of wildlife across Victoria and we want to see the

The entire world was captivated as our world leaders cuddled with koalas and posed for the press, and rightfully so; it's not every day that you see an entire room full of powerful politicians grinning from ear to ear. While it's wonderful to see the smiles our native wildlife bring to the faces of millions of visitors every year, we know the smiles would disappear if the visitors knew how desperately native wild animals need our help.   We know our iconic animals can certainly draw a

Wildlife Victoria is proud to support the proposed Great Forest National Park. Today a Joint Statement was released with signatures from over thirty groups, including Wildlife Victoria, calling on Victorian politicians and Victorian political groups to clearly commit to the creation of the Great Forest National Park in the Yarra Ranges and Central Highlands.   The movement has received notable support from international icons Sir David Attenborough and Dame Jane Goodall. Attenborough has

We'd like to share a little bit about Cooper with you - his courageous story is just one example of the amazing animals who has been helped through Wildlife Victoria and our incredible team of volunteers.   Wildlife Victoria  first heard about little Cooper in late April after he lost his mum - she was hit by a car and sadly she didn't survive. There was still hope for Cooper - and luckily someone driving past the incident stopped to help. Cooper's rescuer called the team at Wildlife

Over the past few weeks the Wildlife Victoria Emergency Service Operators have received an overwhelming number of calls about echidnas on the move - out for a stroll in the parklands or foraging for food in a backyard garden. A lot of people see these amazing animals in an unusual setting and feel compelled to rescue echidnas the instant they see them. In most cases, all that is needed is for the kids and dogs to be moved inside to allow the echidna time to relax and move along. During spring