A few weeks ago we shared a story about Patch, the kangaroo joey, whose mother had been struck and killed by a car in Clarkefield at the beginning of August.  At only 10 months old, this tiny joey was still completely dependent on his mother to survive - so without her, he didn't have a chance on his own.    We are happy to share with you that Patch is thriving in foster care! Over the last few months, Patch has made new friends with other orphaned joeys. Although playing with his new friends

David Jarmon’s regular Sunday fishing trip in Western Port Bay took a strange twist when his catch of the day was a kangaroo. On Sunday 5 October David and his 14 year old daughter were 500m from shore and hadn’t even anchored yet when he caught sight of the unusual figure swimming near the boat. At first David didn’t know what it was and it was his daughter who identified it as a kangaroo.   “As soon as it saw us it swam towards the boat I swear it looked like it was going to say ‘Let me

Sean the koala has hit the headlines worldwide today after he was reported to Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service last night. The caller Callum noticed him looking disoriented beside a road in Langwarrin. Sean had no visible injuries but Callum could tell that something wasn’t right and suspected that he may have been struck by a car. Luckily Callum knew to call Wildlife Victoria.   Emergency Response Operator Robbie swiftly connected Callum with local volunteer Michelle.   On

  This young seal was reported near Port Campbell in mid-July, it later returned to the ocean and was likely resting on the beach. If you spot a seal on the beach please keep your distance to avoid an unnecessary encounter or stressing the creature. If you’re walking a dog, it is important to keep them on a lead and to guide them away from the seal. Although it is not uncommon for seals to seek refuge on the beach, if you are concerned about the health of the animal please call Wildlife

Talk about a baptism of fire for a new rescuer!!!    The raven as pictured was trapped in the tree by its leg. The height of the tree was approximately 12m and it was trapped almost at the very top. There was no way to safely climb the tree nor were there any ladders available close by that would be able to safely reach it either. Eventually the fire brigade assisted with a Teleboom from Thomastown after a Commander of theirs came out to assess the situation.   Whilst I was waiting for the

Update: 27th March 2014   Although several fire affected areas remain off-limits, where safe to do so, volunteers have been searching for wildlife survivors. Currently all fire grounds are now classified controlled or safe. One of the largest fire zones was in the east of Victoria past Gippsland. Now classified as controlled, 165,000 ha has been burnt. A great deal of the damage has occurred in national parks and will have a huge impact on local wildlife. The rare Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

Wildlife Victoria’s Board members, staff and volunteers congratulate Rob Gell our President on being honoured as a member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia. The honour was bestowed for significant service to conservation, to the protection of coastal and marine environments, and to the community.

Wildlife Victoria volunteers were excited to see Cyrus, the kangaroo rescued from Melbourne Airport last month, released back to where he belongs.   Aptly named Cyrus, after a helpful Qantas staff member, the 3-4 year old eastern grey male kangaroo was reported to Wildlife Victoria’s emergency response service on the morning of 16th October after he made his way into the Qantas Terminal at Melbourne Airport. Bounding through the terminal, he found a quiet spot in the Chemist Shop which